TESCAN Webinar:

Introducing the New TESCAN TIMA for Geosciences

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In November 2020, TESCAN announced the release of the new generation of TESCAN TIMA, a dedicated solution for automated mineralogical analysis in Earth Science studies as well as for industrial mineral processing. TIMA contributes to a wide array of applications ranging from petrography, metallurgy, liberation analysis, and provenance studies, even outside of geoscience.

In this seminar you will learn that:

In this webinar, we will discuss applications in geosciences and show how TIMA’s features and workflows support accurate, automated mineralogical analysis.   

Large scale Ytrium distribution map in oyamalite-xenotime intergrowth.

Presenter: Marek Dosbaba

About Marek Dosbaba

Marek Dosbaba is a Product Manager for automated mineralogy at TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING in Brno, Czech Republic. Marek is with TESCAN since 2013. He has a background in mineralogy and the application of microanalytical methods on geological materials (electron microprobe, Raman spectroscopy, CL). He joined the application group first and switched to the product group at the beginning of 2019.