TESCAN Webinar:

X-ray Micro-CT in Geoscience: Multiscale and Dynamic Imaging

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This webinar will provide a general introduction to the relevant technology and applications in oil & gas, sedimentology and mineralogy. The webinar will present: 

Join us to learn all about 3D micro-CT for Geosciences applications! 

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Detailed scan using the TESCAN CoreTOM of the central region of a 10 cm diameter Silurian dolomite core. Using a voxel size of 10 µm, pore-scale analysis can be performed. Silurian dolomite. 

Presenter: Marijn Boone, PhD

About Marijn Boone, PhD

Product Manager, Micro-CT Marijn Boone is a product manager for micro-CT at TESCAN. His main research focus is on enabling and facilitating in situ imaging and fast dynamic imaging using lab-based micro-CT systems, with a special interest in visualizing pore scale processes in geological materials. He holds a PhD in Geology from Ghent University.