New EBIC Detector by TESCAN

The innovative solution from TESCAN does not only focus on a single EBIC analysis, but also enables (the) 3D EBIC Analysis.

New EBIC Detector by TESCAN

This unique feature (highly) significantly increases the analytical potential of the EBIC Detector which is mounted on a FIB-SEM workstation. The EBIC can be combined with FIB tomography to receive a 3D map of EBIC activity. This solution provides the user with unmatched tool for three dimensional EBIC analysis e.g. of the nanostructured solar cells.

Besides the precision of the measurement, TESCAN focuses also on a user friendly interface. The EBIC control is fully integrated into the TESCAN software, which enables fast and easy access to all the detector functions during the SEM observation. TESCAN offers two types of EBIC Detector connection:

  • fixed contact to the specimen
  • probing with movable nanomanipulator tips (new)

The new EBIC Detector from TESCAN represents the ideal solution for revealing the electrical characteristics of the sample, e.g., the locations of P-N junctions in the sample, the presence of local defects, contamination, or doping inhomogeneity.