The configuration in FIB-SEM systems is such that the electron and ion beam focal points coincide, which results in the optimisation of many applications. Such a feature enables simultaneous SEM imaging during FIB milling tasks – a significant leap in terms of performance and throughput in all those FIB operations which demand ultimate levels of precision.

TESCAN offers two different ion species as source for FIBs: Gallium ions and Xenon ion plasma. Ga ion source FIB is for all those applications that need ultimate precision in fabrication and nanopatterning. On the other hand, Xe plasma FIBs enable high ion beam currents that make it possible to remove large volumes of material in times frames that can be up to 50 × shorter compared to Ga-FIBs. In terms of precision, our high-resolution Xe plasma FIBs can achieve resolution of < 15 nm for all those delicate tasks that need power and precision combined.

Our wide range of FIB-SEM systems are aimed to satisfy from basic industrial routine applications to the most advanced and challenging technological applications that demand the highest standards in imaging and micro/nanomachining for their complex workflows.