TESCAN’s SEM’s FIB-SEM’s and micro-CT’s provide valuable insights into all areas of science. From materials to cellular biology, or semiconductors to geology, our instruments help unlock the secrets and how and why.


The relentless pursuit of scientific understanding continues to inspire TESCAN to develop imaging, analysis and modification technologies that keep pace with the increasing needs of their clients. As researchers and scientists continue to push the boundaries, they turn to the instruments that TESCAN design and manufacture to image the structures, often at the nanometer-scale that yield the secrets of structure/property relationships of materials, why cells behave the way they do and how the earth was formed.

Regardless of your area of scientific endeavour, TESCAN has developed state-of-the-art SEMs, FIB-SEMs, and micro-CTs that allow you to image your samples at high resolution, with high contrast and in some instances dynamically. Furthermore, these systems have been designed with versatility in mind, allowing you to customize a system by adding additional detectors/microanalytical capabilities and other accessories to cater to the most complex experiments, culminating in the most comprehensive analyses.

While the range of applications our instruments are suited to continues to grow with the evolution of science, TESCAN has imaging solutions to suit your needs. Whether an off-the-shelf system or a custom-designed instrument is required, TESCAN welcomes the opportunity to work with you to design a system to meet your specific requirements.