Versatile UHR SEM for characterization of your biological beam sensitive samples in 2D and 3D

TESCAN CLARA is an Ultra High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope (UHR-SEM) with a Field Emission Gun electron source that allows users to examine the microstructure, morphology and surface characteristics of biological (and other) samples across research fields. TESCAN CLARA is well suited for a variety of demanding SEM applications such as high resolution and low energy imaging, and volume EM techniques, and is compatible with cryo workflows. It is an ideal tool for busy imaging centers that are looking for an instrument with outstanding imaging performance together with the flexibility to cover a wide range of research tasks. The ability to switch rapidly between different operating modes is important for the productivity of microscopy facilities.


  • Imaging from overview to the nanoscale – and everything in-between Unique UHR-SEM optics design gives TESCAN CLARA unmatched versatility
  • Extend your SEM to perform Volume SEM analysis Integrated Serial Block-Face SEM (SBF-SEM) in-chamber microtome and Array Tomography software module allow large volume analysis of samples
  • Image non-conductive beam sensitive biological samples at extremely low beam energies
    Benefit from UHR BrightBeam™ column technology that delivers sharp images even at low voltages

  • Generate high-contrast images with nanoscale details. Powerful combination of the BrightBeamTM column & detection system allows charge-free topographic imaging
  • Perform your experiments at ambient and/or cryogenic temperatures
  • The unmatched versatility of TESCAN CLARA design fits the needs of most users in core facilities or other research institutes

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