TESCAN Essence™ EBL Kit

Add powerful, multipurpose nanoprototyping capabilities to your TESCAN SEM and
FIB-SEM system

Electron beam lithography (EBL) uses a focused beam of electrons to draw patterns on a surface covered with an electron-sensitive film (resist). This technique is common for prototyping micro-and nanostructures with specific shapes, dimensions and material composition on various substrates for developing sensors, photonics, plasmonics, spintronics, MEMS, microfluidics, and surfaces for cell growth.

Adding the TESCAN Essence EBL Kit to TESCAN G4 series SEM and FIB-SEM instruments creates a multipurpose nanoprototyping tool with both electron and ion beam-based lithography techniques available to users. The Essence EBL Kit is an ideal solution for labs that need access to this application, but don’t require a dedicated advanced lithography system. Working in conjunction with TESCAN’s fast electrostatic beam blanker, the advanced EBL software module included in the TESCAN Essence EBL Kit controls the entire lithography process from within the already familiar Essence GUI.

Adding electron beam lithography to a SEM or even a FIB-SEM creates a powerful solution for micro-and nano-prototyping applications because researchers are able to capitalize on the analytical capabilities of SEM and FIB-SEM following the lithography process to validate structures, dimensions or material composition.

Testing pattern transferred to e-beam resist on the sample using EBL

  • Add advanced EBL software and TESCAN’s fast electrostatic beam blanker on a standard TESCAN SEM system to create a complete, cost-effective solution for performing intermediate-level electron beam lithography
  • Create a powerful, multi-purpose nanoprototyping tool by adding EBL capability to a TESCAN FIB-SEM system to combine EBL with separately controlled ion beam-based lithography techniques for both basic and applied research
  • Control the EBL process through the fully integrated Essence™ EBL software module which features a user interface that is consistent with the TESCAN Essence™ GUI, making it familiar and easy to learn
  • Work confidently with the full support of the GDSII hierarchical data format that is used most commonly by EBL community
  • Utilize EBL software capabilities to optimize exposure conditions and minimize errors or defects
  • Reduce EBL exposure duration by using high-speed electron beam control during the exposure
  • Plan your time requirement for instrument use with the exposure time estimate functionality
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