Static acquisition geometry for true 3D EDS and 3D EBSD

TESCAN, a renowned brand of scanning electron microscopes and focused ion beam systems and Oxford Instruments introduces an innovative solution for 3D EDS and 3D EBSD using a static acquisition geometry!

Static acquisition geometry for true 3D EDS and 3D EBSD

TESCAN’s team invites the visitors of analytica 2014 to join us for live demonstrations of a LYRA3 FIB-SEM equipped with 3D EDS and 3D EBSD systems by Oxford Instruments at booth 522 in Hall A2 in Munich

The 3D EDS and 3D EBSD tomographic solution by TESCAN represents a significant move towards high precision in three-dimensional material microanalysis. The conventional approach of 3D EBSD or 3D EDS acquisition has several serious drawbacks in terms of the speed and precision of the data acquisition process, due to the sample movement between the FIB milling and EBSD/EDS acquisition position. In contrast, TESCAN’s method offers a static setup for 3D EBSD/3D EDS based on a special camera configuration, which allows simultaneous EBSD or EDS acquisition and FIB milling in a static sample position. The solution used skillfully prevents the common analytical inaccuracy of similar methods caused by thermal drift. To avoid it, the microscope control 3D software is equipped with a fully automated function: FIB drift correction.

Ask for NO further sample movement during the acquisition process of 3D EBSD and 3D EDS!

Both analytical techniques benefit from TESCAN’s tradition of excellence with a high regard for the customer’s specific needs. The highest possible acquisition accuracy (no correction for stage inaccuracies such as tilt, rotation, shift required), amazing acquisition speed (no stage movement time) and easy process setup can only be achieved with this innovative static acquisition geometry. Moreover, static EBSD means the highest possible EBSD resolution. Compared to the conventional approach, EBSD can be as close as possible to the sample with no risk of screen damage during sample movement.

Static 3D EDS and 3D EBSD provides a highly effective and accessible characterization of a material’s structure and composition.

Be impressed at analytica 2014; Hall A2; booth 522!