TESCAN Celebrates 25 Years of Steady Growth

In its 25 years of existence TESCAN has grown from a small company dedicated to the manufacture of programmable control units into a multi-national corporation with over four hundred employees around the globe. It currently occupies a strong position among the top five most prominent worldwide manufacturers of electron microscopes.

TESCAN Celebrates 25 Years of Steady Growth

TESCAN Celebrates 25 Years of Steady Growth

TESCAN Celebrates 25 Years of Steady Growth

Evidence of its steady growth includes its ever-expanding range of products, which currently includes eight different types of electron microscopes. In order to satisfy growing customer demands, it contributes not only its own scientific research activity and related manufacturing operations, but also synergic collaboration with leading scientific institutions and universities both within the Czech Republic and abroad. Because of this, TESCAN has installed over 2,000 of its own products in over 80 countries worldwide since its inception.

“We have always focused on the needs of the market and the customer, who is always our number one priority. We are aware of the fact that the customer knows best what results they would like to achieve. We take advantage of our knowledge and specialisation so that we can provide the customer with an instrument or solution that opens the door to learning and achieving research objectives,” company CEO, Ing. Jaroslav Klíma reveals about the company’s philosophy. “We are able to offer stability and support to not only current partners, but future partners as well. We do not recognise the customary sales model in the form of an anonymous sales relationship between two parties; with us, everyone always deals with one specific individual. Our customers are also our partners,” explains Klíma.

In addition to development and manufacturing, TESCAN also takes pride in quality, a professional sales network, and comprehensive post-sales service. Thirty partner companies across the globe – of which ten are subsidiaries – provide both top-quality advising in the selection of the most suitable analytical instrument in which great emphasis is placed on satisfying the specific requirements of each customer, as well as professional and high-quality R&D and application support. “We take pride in our roots in the Czech Republic, specifically Brno, which could be dubbed the Silicon Valley of electron microscopy. We have been headquartered here since the very beginning—all strategic and operational decisions are linked with this place, and we do not intend to change it.”

“This is our journey, this is the way we work,” adds Klíma. “And, just as we strive for the satisfaction of our customers, we have not forgotten about our employees either because they are the ones that form the foundation of our company and all of its future growth. We focus on their development, offer a wide range of benefits and opportunities, take pride in our friendly atmosphere, and work on creating a pleasant work environment overall. Thanks to great communication within and outside the company and primarily thanks to our continuing development, today we can celebrate the 25th anniversary of the foundation of our company.”

Continual development, expanding technological boundaries, and the related growing demands of existing as well as future customers have resulted in the fact that, on the occasion of this year’s anniversary, TESCAN will be introducing new technology. “For this year’s anniversary celebration, we are preparing yet another milestone in the history of this multi-national corporation, TESCAN. During our exhibition in Columbus in the United States, we will introduce a new technology implemented into our field emission microscopes. Celebrate this event with us, and accept our invitation to discover not only the company itself, but also the most cutting-edge technology there is to offer,” advocates Klíma.


TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING is a leading global group in the field of charged particle optics. With more than 25 years of experience in the field, TESCAN has evolved into a consolidated brand which has built a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing scanning electron microscopes and system solutions for micro- and nano-technology and related applications. With headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic, TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING has over 2000 SEMs installed in over 80 countries which bears testament to first-class quality, proven technology and excellence in scientific instrumentation
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