Environmental and Food Science

Recently, environmental science has become one of the fastest growing life science disciplines.

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Environmental and Food Sciences

The dramatic attention originates from a continuous search for answers to global challenges, such as climate change, water and air quality and pollution monitoring.

Structure of plant spores

Structure of plant spores

  • Electron microscopy has been an irreplaceable tool for studying many environmental systems.
  • TESCAN SEMs portfolio covers a variety of instruments and analytical solutions for analysing pollution particles, water and soil organisms, minerals, rocks, crops, and many more.
  • Advancement in Food Science and technology are another highly demanded area of today’s science community. Developing specialized crops, studying pesticide resistance and production of nutritious and less costly food supplies are critical scientific topics in today’s populated world.
  • With TESCAN SEM technology, researchers can easily study different products at a wide range of magnification and high resolution. By using UniVac and the Water Vapor Inlet system, all environmental samples can be studied close to their natural state, thus further improving technological processes and crop formulations.
  • Dynamic micro-CT allows researchers to visualize the 3D change in internal structure while undergoing physical change such as baking or melting.
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