Scanning electron microscopy is a well-known non-destructive technique that uses an electron beam probe to analyse samples surface down to nano-scale. The scanning electron microscopes produce high magnification images with high resolution, a feature of which makes them suitable tools for a wide range of applications in numerous fields of science and industry.
TESCAN portfolio includes high-performance thermionic emission SEM systems equipped with heated tungsten cathode, and a variety of chamber sizes and configurations to satisfy particular analytical needs.

TESCAN also offers field emission (FE) SEM systems equipped with high brightness Schottky emitter for achieving high-resolution and low-noise imaging. MIRA3 is a high-resolution FE-SEM while MAIA3 is an ultra-high resolution (UHR) FE-SEM. The new microscopes, from the S8000 and S9000 Series, complement the list. The TESCAN S8000 features the BrightBeamTM SEM column technology that achieves field-free ultra-high resolution with excellent performance, especially at low beam energies while keeping maximum versatility in sample imaging. The TESCAN S9000 is fitted with the TriglavTM UHR SEM column whose electron optics is designed to deliver ultimate resolution at low beam energies for maximum surface sensitivity in nanocharacterization. TESCAN CLARA is based on the S8000 platform. Thanks to unique In-Beam detection TESCAN CLARA is a highly flexible SEM that offers advanced imaging capabilities of materials imaging and caters for the vast majority of materials including non-conducting materials and provides sub-nanometer resolution.

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