TESCAN FIB-SEM Solutions for Life Sciences

The configuration of FIB-SEM systems is such that the electron and ion beam focal points coincide. This feature enables simultaneous SEM imaging during the performance of FIB milling tasks.
TESCAN offers two different ion species as source for FIBs: Gallium ions and Xenon ion plasma. The Ga ion source FIB is for all applications that need ultimate precision in fabrication. In contrast, Xe plasma FIBs feature high milling rates that make it possible to remove large volumes of material in short times frames up to 50 × faster than Ga-FIBs. The available instrumentation encompasses ultra high-resolution imaging, 3D tomographic methods, and complex solutions including correlative light-electron microscopy or cryogenic techniques.

Our FIB-SEM systems are designed to satisfy from a range of needs from routine applications to the most advanced and challenging cryo TEM-specimen fabrication.

TESCAN microscopes are operated using Essence™ software which has multiple safety features that allow both novice and skilled users to work efficiently.

TESCAN FIB-SEM Solutions for Life Sciences


All-purpose Ga FIB-SEM for cryo and room temperature structural analysis

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High throughput plasma FIB-SEM solution for demanding cryo and room temperature structural analysis applications

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